to our new 2020-2021

Pacesetter Social Committee!



Sam Rubin-Senior

Lacy Zolton-Senior

Ellie Camak-Junior

Lillian Klein-Junior

Alivia Patty-Junior

Isa Stoll-Junior


Thank you to all who ran for Social Committee! We are so proud of you!

Each of you did an amazing job on your presentations and your ideas were very inventive and fun!




Congratulations to our new

2020-2021 Pacesetter Officers!








Join us on Instagram Live

at 5:00pm for our

Officer Celebration!  




Congratulations to the

2020-2021 Precision Pacesetters!


Emily F.

1-Emily M.

2-Riley B.

3-Stella D.

5-Georgia M.

7-Amelia P.

8-Grace J.

9-Isa S.

11-Faith F.

12-Bella J.

13-Renn O.

15-Emma Grace R.

17-Lacy Z.

18-Haley R.

19-Lillian K.

20-Zoe L.

21-Madison W.

23-Addison W.

25-Emily H.

27-Callie S.

28-Peri B.

29-Ainsley M.

30-Isaure C.

31-Ellie C.

32-Jessica B.

33-Caroline H.

35-April W.

36-Kate V.

37-Brennan B.

39-Sam R.

41-Bella B.

43-Cadie L.

45-Alivia P.

46-Allie J.

47-Karina L.



Parents of students who do not make the team may request comments from Mrs. Donna Anthony via email Please include your candidates’s first & last name and tryout number.

Friday, December 13, 2019 is the final day to request. All requests will be sent via email after the 13th. Thank you!

Meet your new team this afternoon at 5:00pm at the Braum's on Coit Road. 

Thank you to all who tried out! We are so proud of you!














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