Congratulations to our 2017-2018 PACESETTER Officers 



Captain Gabriela Brea

1st Lieutenant Sophia Pitman

Jr. Lieutenant Daniela Stoll

Jr. Lieutenant Alisa Wyant

Jr. Lieutenant Emma Young




Please join us this afternoon at 5:00PM in the dance studio for our Officer Celebration.

Thank you to all who tried out, we are so very proud of you!




Parents may request comments and/or scores from Ms. Talandra Griffen via email. Please include your Pacesetter's first & last name, tryout number, and home mailing address. Comments and scores will be mailed to those who did not make it, comments only to those who did, per parent request. Friday, May 26, 2017 is the final day to request. Thank you.














Café Donors

We are excited to announce our confirmed donors for the Pacesetter Bazaar Café.  Check back for updates.




Please visit our Shutterfly page for more pictures.