We love our Seniors!  

 From your Sophomores and Juniors...We love you!

Thank you for being such great role models for us to look up to. I am going to miss y'all so much, but I know you will all do amazing things! Love y'all! -Emily M.

This year's Senior class was so warm, welcoming, and inspiring to me as a New Girl. I am going to miss you all! -Lillian K.

Y'all have been the most supportive group of people I have ever met. You all will do great things in the future, and I love all of you so so much!! -Allie J.

We love you Seniors and we are so proud of you!!!!!! -Ellie C.

Your class is full of so many different personalities and that's what makes you all so fun and loving! I love all of you so much! -Emily F.

The Class of 2020 has always been so encouraging and I love being around each and everyone of them. -Madison W.

The Senior Pacesetters have given our team such a constant love and encouragement at each morning practice and performance. I am so thankful to know y'all and to have gotten to dance alongside all of you!!! -Isa S.

This years class of Senior Pacesetters were so sweet and welcoming to all the New Girls. I hope that they have an amazing time at college as they made me New Girl year truly unforgettable. -Emily H.

 The Senior Pacesetters have been the most welcoming and positive part of New Girl year. I love y'all!! -Karina L.

The Seniors this year have been so encouraging and welcoming! So thankful for y'all!

-Faith F.


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